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ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion

Breaking news! Launch digital screening!

We have signed a contract with SENTAI HOLDINGS, a major American media company, to start digital screening in North America on October 9 ,2020!

Click here to visit Sentai Filmworks' page.

Sakamoto Saku's full-length debut work, an emerging animation artist active in many fields including digital effects of the movie " Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence" and illustration & animation of the drama "MOZU". The richness of imagination making full use of unique expressive techniques and the animated images full of fantasy and transparency have been acclaimed internally and externally and the work was screened at more than 10 overseas film festivals such as Rotterdam International Film Festival and directed by Sakamoto. He is also known as "transcendent artist" and performs his five roles as director, animator, original author, scriptwriter, and composer. "Animation expressions that can only be made because of personal production" can be exactly the only thing he can do "only animation produced by one person". Set in the collective housing that is said, draw the fate that the heroine who witnessed the strange traces in dreamy image beauty and shivering development.

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What's new

Launch digital screening!

October 08, 2020

We have signed a contract with SENTAI HOLDINGS, a major American media company, to start digital screening in North America on October 9 (10/10 Japan time)!

Click here to visit Sentai Filmworks' page.

The new anime " Feast of Amrita " receives a grant from the Agency for Cultural Affairs

July 05, 2020

The new animated film that is in production, " Feast of Amrita " directed by Sakamoto Saku, receive a subsidy from the Agency for Cultural Affairs for fiscal 2020.

The environment surrounding video production is becoming more and more difficult, but I will do my best to make it happen.

Director greetings at Taichung International Animation Film Festival 2019!

October 18, 2019

"ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion" was officially screened at Taichung International Animation Film Festival 2019 in Taichung, Taiwan,
Director Saku Sakamoto gave a stage greeting and a question and answer session!
(Producer Fukutani participates as a photographer).


This is the first screening in Asia other than Japan!


The first of the two screenings is the night of Friday, October 18th.

Regardless of the late screening, visitors were almost full.

In the question-and-answer session after the screening, there were many unprecedented questions such as “interpretation of the scene”, and the director was eager to answer.

After the event, sign the press sheet at the venue lobby. This is also a long line.

The directors were also impressed with the impression of each piece.


The second screening of "ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion" will also be held on the afternoon of October 20th (Sunday) when the festival will be closing.

The director will also be on stage and will have a question and answer session.

It was a film festival where you can feel the popularity of anime in Taiwan, which is now more than Japan.

“ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion” was introduced “Animate” on sale!

September 28, 2019

“ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion” was introduced in the cross-review of the October issue of “Animate” on sale!
  Thank you all for the review!

[Film festival information] Slash Film Festival 2019 in Vienna

September 25, 2019

From 9/19, “ARAGNE:Sign of Vermillion” was invited and screened at the Slash Film Festival 2019 in Vienna!
slash ..Although it seems be a rather dangerous film festival (see the program carefully), Japanese non-horror movies are also screened, and other non-horror works are also screened.

[Screening will be decided at Camera Japan Festival in the Netherlands! ]

August 31, 2019

"Aragne: Sign of Vermillion" will be screened at the Camera Japan Festival 2019 in the Netherlands, introducing a variety of Japanese artwork including movies!
It will be screened on 9/27 in Rotterdam and 10/5 in Amsterdam.

Film festival program


Work introduction


【l’ Etrange Festival in Paris “New talent” will be screened!】

August 21, 2019

"Aragne: sign of vermillion" will be screened at the Nouveaux talents section of the 25th l'Etrange Festival 2019, a genre genre film festival to be held in Paris from September 4th!

Official website of the festival:
l’ Etrange Festival 2019 Noveveaux talents section

Screening will be held on September 8 (Sunday, 7:30 pm ~) and September 11 (Wednesday, 2:45 pm ~).

The second screening after Annecy in France! First screening in Paris!

In addition, the past short films “Fisherman” and “Makafushigi” directed by Saku Sakamoto will be screened!

[Thank you for selling out] The screening ticket at Annecy 2019 has been sold out!

June 11, 2019

The tickets for "ARAGNE:Sign of Vermillion" at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2019 have been sold out! Also for the second screening, many visitors came in spite of the midnight start. Sakamoto Saku also made stage greetings before the screening, and the last was acclaimed.

[Breaking news] Official screening is decided at Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2019!

May 22, 2019

"ARAGNE:Sign of Vermillion" has been officially screened at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2019, the world's tallest animation film festival!

It will be screened in the special program <midnight special> which will be screened carefully for the more mature audience!
Sakamoto Saku will also greet the stage!


Zagreb International Animation Film Festival 2019 Grand competition nominated!

May 06, 2019

"ARAGNE:Sign of Vermillion" was chosen for the Zagreb International Animation Film Festival 2019 feature film competition!

Annecy, Hiroshima, the world's four largest animation film festivals along with Ottawa. It is the only nomination from Japanese films!

Director Sakamoto will also participate in the film festival from 6/3!

【Breaking news】 It will be screened at the Stuttgart International Animation Film Festival!

April 06, 2019

"ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion" was decided to be officially screened at the 26th Stuttgart International Animation Film Festival!

It is a prestigious animation film festival in which"Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea" and "The Garden of Words" have won Grand Prix in the past. I am very honored!

It will be screened at the main venue, GLORIA, at 23:00 on May 4th, under the framework of the special program "Anime, Cult, Night Division".

This time is the German premiere screening.
"Cult night" seems quite scary, but I would like to know the reaction of all of Germany.
We will report again as soon as we know the details.

The Philip K. Dick Film Festival 2019, decided to be officially screened!

February 14, 2019

Philip K. Dick is the original author such as "BLADE RUNNER" "TOTAL RECALL" "MINORITY REPORT". He is also known as a renowned science fiction writer who also influenced "GHOST IN THE SHELL" "AKIRA". This film festival, bearing his name, will carefully select innovative and challenging works that are also familiar to his work world, and will be held in March and in NY and California. On Saturday, March 9, the USA Premiere will be screened at the Theater in New York.

Film festival exhibition information

November 22, 2018

Following the Satoshi Kon Award nominees, which is the highest animation prize of the Fantasia International Film Festival in July, the 19th Buenos Aires Film Festival (Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre film festival "BARS 19") and the 1st Tbilisi International Animation Film Festival , The official listing has been decided.

In Japan, from August 18 (2018), the nationwide sequential road show

August 17, 2018

This movie was distributed in Japan by Presidio, who do movies like ‘Silent Hill: Revelation’ , and it is screening nationwide from August 2018, including Cine · Lible Ikebukuro, Cine · Libre Umeda, 109 Cinemas Nagoya, Dinos Cinemas Sapporo Theater. 
 In the first day stage greetings, popular voice actors Hanazawa Kana and others entered. As an event, we held a talk show by Director Takashi Shimizu ("Grudge"), Director Norio Tsuruta ("Ring 0 Birthday"), Director Hiroyuki Kakudo ("Digimon Adventure"). In addition, Director Saku Sakamoto made an autograph session.The mysterious story has increased the number of repeaters, and has received much more than expected expectations.

World Premier at Fantasia Film Festival!

July 15, 2018

World premiere of "ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion "in Canada has ended successfully! The director was surprised at such a great success. A long row surrounding the venue. A large venue is almost full. A limited clear file for gifts has been immediately distributed as well. This is Fantasia International Film Festival ... applause after the screening was amazing. I am sincerely thankful to all the audience and film festival staff!

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