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Takeaway of Horror


Osamu Fukutani, a maverick creator who worked on numerous horror works, including the director of the movie "Scary Doyo"starring Mikako Tabe and the original work of the "Shibuya Kaidan" series starring Maki Horikita and Asami Mizukawa. , Amazon's "Spiritual World/Horror Experience Category" bestseller No. 1 "Most Worst True Story Ghost Story"made into a movie with his own hands.

Starring Ryoma Baba from &"Musical Prince of Tennis" and "Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters", Arisa Matsunaga (idol group Link STAR's) from the movie "Assassination Classroom ~Graduation~", and Miyu Kawahara, a newcomer selected through an audition.

Co-starring with Miyu Suenaga of Nippon Telegenic in 2013, Maria Shindaira of "Shinrei Tamatebako", Mamoru Shiga and Takamichi Funahara of Tokyo Samurai Guns, a gorgeous and varied line-up was realized.

In addition, special makeup artist such as "Shinrei Shashinbu Theatrical Version", Miu Chiba, CG, VFX, visual design, animation writer known for drama "MOZU", NHK "Minna no Uta", etc. Up-and-coming creators participate!

Three episodes, "Takeaway", "Grave Robbery Idol", and "Kamikakushi", which are said to be particularly scary even in the original, are thrillingly depicted in dense images.

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​​Director/Production/Original/Screenplay/Osamu Fukutani
Director of Photography / Kazuaki Yoshizawa
Special makeup/sculpting/Mio Chiba
VFX/CG/Visual Design/Saku Sakamoto
Support Producer/Tetsuji Hayashi
​ Casting Director / Naoki Nagashima



theme song

LITO "zero gravity"

Lyrics/Composition: Yousuke Ito Arrangement: Takanori Tsunoda

Original "Takeaway of Horror - A Collection of Horror Film Director&'s Psychic Sites"(TO Bunko)

August 18, 2016 Euro Live and other road shows​

Provided/produced/distributed/advertised/Zelico Films

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