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Feast of Amrita

Feast of Amrita

The prequel (Beginning) of ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion;. Set in the housing complex before Rin, the main character of ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion, visits, it depicts the fear and fantasy experienced by a high school girl, Tamahi, who witnessed a new apparition.
​ Currently under construction. Details will be announced at a later date.

Theatrical animation that surprised the world by being produced by just one person

ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion

ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion


A feature-length animated film that has been officially screened at over 10 international film festivals, including the 2019 Annecy International Animated Film Festival, the world's top anime film festival.

Saku Sakamoto's debut feature film, an up-and-coming animation artist active in many fields, including animation and illustrations for the drama "MOZU" and digital effects for Mamoru Oshii's "Innocence".
Known as the “transcendent painter,” he plays the five roles of director, animation, original story, screenplay, and music.

The starring CV is Kana Hanazawa, a popular voice actress.


theatrical movie

takeaway of horror


Osamu Fukutani, a maverick creator who worked on numerous horror works, including the director of the movie "Scary Doyo" starring Mikako Tabe and the original work of the "Shibuya Kaidan" series starring Maki Horikita and Asami Mizukawa. , Amazon's "Spiritual World/Horror Experience Category" bestseller No. 1 "Most Worst True Story Ghost Story" made into a movie with his own hands.

Three episodes, "Takeaway" "Grave Robbery Idol", and &"Kamikakushi", which are said to be particularly scary even in the original, are thrillingly depicted in dense images.


dream indie movie

Ley's Line

Ley's Line


A pair of men and women who live along the same railroad but &"cannot see each other". What is the surprising truth hidden there!?

Set on one of the world's most cursed railway lines, the Chuo Line, where suicides, accidents, and incidents are constant, the fate of love that crosses paths and is tossed by ironic destinies is depicted while entwining strange human patterns that wriggle along the line. Occultic love story.

Winner of the Michinoku International Mystery Film Festival Off-Theater Category Grand Prix. Semi-Grand Prix at the Indie Movie Festival. TAMA NEW WAVE Video Division Special Award.


Psychic Photography Club Theatrical Version


Theatrical version of the original video work "Shinrei Shashinbu", which was ranked number one in user surveys as a horror film project on Niconico Live. A high school girl who enrolled in the spirit photography club at her high school approaches the mystery of spirit photography. Starring Makoto Okunaka from "Kamen Rider Wizard" and Yosuke Ito from "Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger". Directed by Jiro Nagae of "Tomodachi Game Theatrical Version", "Shin Samejima Incident" and "Kisaragi Station". (Co-produced with King Records and Canter)

High school student Ninomiya Kayuu (Okunaka Makoto) joins the photography club out of nowhere. However, the photography department was different from the usual, and it was a "spirit photography department" that specialized in researching and investigating psychic photography. With her innate curiosity, Kayu proceeds with her investigation with Chief Makimura (Yosuke Ito) and senior Riri (Yuka Ueno). While sometimes receiving advice from a mysterious girl, he unravels the terrifying truth hidden in the spirit photograph. In addition, while mystery is calling mystery, the shadow of the masked murderer who is making a noise in the streets without realizing it is creeping up .... What will be Kayu's fate? ? And what is the relationship between the murderer and the spirit photo...!? ?

Ⓒ2015 Osamu Fukutani / "Spirit Photo Club Theatrical Version" Production Committee

心霊写真部 劇場版.jpg

Psychic Photography Club Reboot


"Spirit Photography Club", which boasts strong popularity as "Convulsion Club" in Nico Live Horror 100 Stories, is now available as a reboot version!


Following Shizuka Nakamura and Makoto Okunaka, the third generation heroine, Kayu, is an actress in movies such as "Assassination Classroom -Graduation-" and "Take-out of Horror", an idol (Link STAR's), and a model. Arisa Matsunaga, who is active in the field, was selected.

Singer and actress Yuka Ueno (movie "Toilet Hanako-san New Theatrical Version") will play Kayu&'s senpai Lili, and Yousuke Ito ("Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger") will play the role of Director Makimura, whose convulsions are too intense every time. ”) will appear following the previous work.

In addition, Arisa Komiya of "Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters", "Love Live! Sunshine!!"

The director is Jiro Nagae, who handles the entire series. Osamu Fukutani, the original writer and screenwriter, will also continue to cast.

Ⓒ2016 Osamu Fukutani / Psychic Photography Club Reboot Production Committee

[Representative Osamu Fukutani's work]

Psychic Photography Club 1st Period

Ⓒ2010 Osamu Fukutani / "Spirit Photography Club" Production Committee

心霊写真部 main.jpg

Psychic Photography Club 2nd Period

Ⓒ2010 Osamu Fukutani / "Spirit Photography Club" Production Committee

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