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Company Profile

​Zelico Film LLC

zelicofilm, LLC

Established by creator Osamu Fukutani to tackle projects and subjects that are difficult to realize in major media, and explore the possibilities of video works, albeit on a small scale.

In 2018, he made his first theatrical animation film "ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion" with a sole investment (jointly distributed with Presidio). Saku Sakamoto, an up-and-coming animator, is in charge of the direction, animation, original work, screenplay, and music. Theatrical release from August 2018 at Cine Libre Ikebukuro, Cine Libre Umeda, 109 Cinemas Nagoya, etc.  
In addition, the movie "Theatrical Version Takeaway of Fear" (single production / independent distribution), the movie "Spirit Photo Club Movie Version" (co-production with King Records), the movie "Rays Line"(single production / independent distribution), etc. I am working on it.  
Currently, he is working on a theatrical animation film "Feast of Amrita", which will be a new spin-off of "ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion "(Produced with sole capital and distributed independently).  
In addition, he is working on several other movies such as "All About J Horror" and &"Dandchi Meikyuu". Scheduled for distribution.  

Main works 
"Theatrical Version Takeaway of Fear" (Independent Production/Distribution) 
"ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion" (single production, co-distribution with Presidio)

“Spirit Photo Club Theatrical Version” (co-produced with King Records) 

Main distribution movies
"Theatrical Version Takeaway of Fear"(Distribution) 
"ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion" (Co-distribution) 
“Feast of Amrita” (Distribution *Scheduled to be released ) 

"ARAGNE: Sign of Vermillion" Film Festival/Invited Screening History
Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2019 Midnight Special Section Official Screening 
Zagreb International Animated Film Festival 2019 Feature Film Grand Competition Nominee 
Fantasia International Film Festival 2018 World Premiere & Top Award "Satoshi Kon Award" Nominee 
Stuttgart International Animated Film Festival 2019 Anime Cult Night Category Official Screening 
Buenos Aires International Horror Film Festival 2018 Official Screening 
Philip K. Dick SF Film Festival 2019 Official Screening 
Tbilisi International Animated Film Festival 2018 Main Competition Feature Film Official Screening 

"Ley's Line" film festival and screening history
Michinoku International Mystery Film Festival Off Theater Category Grand Prix 
TAMA NEW WAVE Video Category Special Award 
Indie Movie Festival Semi-Grand Prix

Representative introduction

Representative employee CEO

​Osamu Fukuya

osamu fukutani

After working as a TV station organizer and a variety broadcaster, in 2000, won the Michinoku International Mystery Film Festival Off-Theater Division Grand Prix and the TAMA NEW WAVE Special Award for the experimental love story Ley's Line.  
In 2003, he debuted as a professional film director with the Japan-Hong Kong co-production The Last Supper (starring Masaya Kato), which won the Second Grand Prix at the Scottish International Horror Film Festival. After that, he directed numerous horror films, including the director and screenwriter of the movie "Scary Children's Song Front Chapter / Back Chapter" (starring Mikako Tabe) produced by Tohoku Shinsha and Tokyo Theater. In addition, there are many works other than movies, such as the director and scenario of "Twilight Syndrome Forbidden Urban Legend" for Nintendo DS. After making his debut as a writer with "Shibuya Kaidan" (Takeshobo), he has written many books including "Komorikubi"(Gentosha) and "Kirizuka Tower" (TO Books).  
In 2018, he produced, supervised, and produced the theatrical animation film "Aragne:sign of Vermillion" (starring Kana Hanazawa), the feature debut of animation artist Saku Sakamoto.

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