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Ley's Line

Ley&'s Line


“Leaving the mystery as it is, we have come to the end where the distorted urban legends converge into one.

It is surprising that the familiar Chuo Line is drawn in such a mysterious world.

It was an in-train movie that rivaled "Bulkan Super Express" and "Molester Train".

(Film critic, Seiichi Udagawa / “Raise Line” review)

Michinoku International Mystery Film Festival Off-Theater Category Grand Prix

Indie Movie Festival Semi-Grand Prix

TAMA NEW WAVE Video Category Special Award


A pair of men and women who live along the same railroad but "cannot see each other".

What is the surprising truth hidden there!?

Set on one of the world's most cursed railway lines, the Chuo Line, where suicides, accidents, and incidents are constant, the fate of love that crosses paths and is tossed by ironic destinies is depicted while entwining strange human patterns that wriggle along the line. Occultic love story.


Known for directing "Scary Children's Songs" starring Mikako Tabe, the original story and screenplay for the "Shibuya Kaidan" series, which was made into a movie by Maki Horikita and Asami Mizukawa, and for the Nintendo DS "Twilight Syndrome Forbidden Urban Legend". Based on the scenario written by Fukutani when he was a broadcast writer, the entire story is limited to stations and trains on the Chuo Line, and guerrilla shooting is carried out.


Although it is a documentary touch, it is a unique development that tried to fuse urban legends, fantasy fantasy, and unique love stories. It was praised by Mr. Otoichi and others.

Among the staff, director Kazunari Shibata, who later made a big hit with the movie "Real Onigokko" and the live-action version of "School Life!" In charge of the camera at the time.

Actors include the producer of "Shorin Shoujo", action director and director, and Fuyuhiko Nishi, who is known for discovering and breaking Rina Takeda, and many other active professionals.

In particular, the scene of a train falling from the sky and other innovative CG and VFX gained a reputation for its indie animation, which has been attracting attention both inside and outside the country since that time. Saku Sakamoto, who is active as a professional animation artist.

​ Fukutani has collaborated on numerous works since then, and as a new work, Sakamoto serves as the original and director, and Fukutani produces the animated movie "Aragne:sign of Vermillion", which was released in 2018. 


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